September 2017


When young Jem Hawkins first meets an elderly pirate at her family’s inn, she doesn’t realize that this chance connection will set her on a course for action, danger, and adventure.

Kristina Jameson has a fresh and vital way to make us see our most beloved stories in a new light. The latest in her series of gender-flipped classic books, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island Pirated shows what would happen if plucky lass Jem Hawkins got to know Long Jan Silver on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Jem will contend with pirates, rogues, and thieves in her quest to find the treasure.

Stevenson’s original rip-roaring coming-of-age tale appeals to children and adults alike, all of whom see something of themselves in young Jim. At the same time, the story reinforces the idea that boys are allowed (even supposed) to have these kinds of dangerous adventures, and girls should be content to sit at home and wait. Jameson wants to erase this gender bias. She hopes that the courage of Jem Hawkins and her female companions will cause you to question the status quo and the biases inherent in many classic works.

Jameson—and Jem Hawkins herself—will inspire you to read more deeply into the text, to explore the themes of Stevenson’s great novel, and to examine the ways that gender in literature can confine or free us all.




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